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Strange Best Friend Adventures

It all started when me and FireFly were supposed to take a bus down to Montreal.  Only, we didn't end up in Montreal!  In the middle of the bus ride, we passed by a Toys R Us.  Firefly shouted, 'Stop the bus!' and we ran out of the bus into the Toys R Us.  Only, it wasn't finished yet.  The walls were a gross greenish-grey color, and there wasn't a single toy in stock.
Suddenly, the scene changed and we were in the fire department of Chambly (some small town in Quebec where I lived for ten years of my life), looking at old military pictures.
We ran outside, and saw my old bike and my brother's old bike.  I grabbed mine, FireFly grabbed his, and we began pedaling as fast as we could towards my dad's house.  As we were biking, I somehow lost control of the bike, crashed into a ladder, and then flew into the air.
Just before I landed, the scene changed again and I landed in a lake instead of solid ground.  I looked around, and saw FireFly floating beside me, along with James Bond and Natalia (Goldeneye) with the Pirate Helicopter hovering above us (also from Goldeneye).
We went underwater and began to swim towards the shore- which was the playground of my elementary school!  When FireFly and I re-surfaced James and Natalia were gone as well the helicopter.  In their places were Ash, James, and Jessie (all from Pokemon).  Ash was unconcious, so James had to swim with him, Baywatch style.
As we continued to swim, the water began to disappear, and become grass again.  Jessie and James reached the shore first.  At one point, I somehow swam right over Firefly, and she said to me, "Come on, we can touch the ground."  She held her nose and went to submerge, but the water drew back so fast, that she ended up squatting and rolling forwards in the sand.
While I was royally laughing myself into tears, FireFly stood up and began to wring out her hair which is quite a job (at the time her hair was down to her butt).
We turned around to look at the lake, to see that it wasn't there anymore.  It was now all grass again, as it had originally been.  Jessie and James went to a lunchtime monitor to get help, and many kids surrounded them.  FireFly and I noticed that the gates to the parking lot were open, so we walked out.
(When I woke up, I was still laughing.  Thankfully though, I didn't wake up anyone)

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