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Thing That I have Done Out Of Boredom

1)  While he was out of class, took Griffin's coat, put it inside out, wrapped it around his chair, switched the bookmark in his book a few pages forward, and re-arranged some papers in his binder.
2)  Watched music videos in slow motion.
3)  Dove headfirst onto the floor, yelling, "Goodbye, cru-elle world!"
4)  Stroked Buras_Mew's leg just to her reaction.  (Heeheehee!! ^_^ )
5)  Watched re-runs of Who's Line Is It Anyways? for five hours.
6)  Looked through all my pictures on my computer.  (I have loads)
7)  Thrown stuff at people who had the misfortune of passing by my house at these boring times, i.e. stale donuts, BBQ sauce packets...
8)  Jumped out Buras_Mew's bedroom window.
9)  Called Silverwing to wish her a Happy New Year's, Hallowe'en, Hannukah, etc. on the wrong days.
10)  Calculated how much time I will have spent on the 'crimson week' by the time I reach the age of 50:  Roughly four years.  (Eww..)
11)  With Tan-tan, wrote all over her pants with pastels and hi-liters.
12)  Drew a bunch of Grim Reapers in different, er, intimate positions all over my desk.
13)  With Buras_Mew, discovered the meaning of life.  (During math class, actually. ^_^ )
14)  Thought about how dull the Grim Reaper's life (how ironic) is because he can't have sex.  (BM pointed out, though, that he has no feelings, so he doesn't care about sex. @.@ )
15)  Wrote 'Penis fit for porno' on Phil's hand.  ( ^_^' )
16)  Wrote 'Property of Buras_Mew' on Stickman Kyle's hand.
17)  Ate a box of Fruit By The Foot to myself.  (They don't fill!!)
18)  Took a kitchen chair, put a smaller chair on top, put a garbage can on top of that, and sat on it.
19)  Played about fifty games of solitaire in a row on my computer.
20)  In class, made a megaphone out of a paper, and commanded Sammy (who sits in front of me) to pay attention to me.
21)  Thought about how weird it is that when guys have to go to the bathroom, they aren't able to aim properly into the toilet bowl, but are able to write their name in the snow!!!  (Griffin shot this one down with a logical explantion though.. T_T  )
22)  While Phil was taking a shower at my house, made a flag out of a mop handle and his boxers and ran around with it.
23)  Watched an episode of  'Sex in the City' (or is it 'and the city'..?) in Spanish, when I don't understand a word of it.
24)  Took a marker and drew faces/wrote names on all the eggs in the eggcarton.  (my mom and her boyfriend had quite a laugh when they saw it)

HAHAHAHA!!!  My personal favorite is number seven, mainly cuz I still do that....  ^_^'