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You Know You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands When.....

1)  You start tossing cards into a hat until you get all 52 cards in it.



2)  You listen to your old CDs that you don't listen to anymore.



3)  You talk with your teachers.



 4) You listen to your parents old CDs that they don't listen to anymore.



 5) You find that watching paint dry is interesting.



6)  You write your Christmas list- months in advance.



7) You count the dots on your classroom cieling.



8)  You cook up a 3 course supper at lunchtime.



9)  You memorize the alphabet backwards.



10)  You're reading this list.



11)  You re-arrange your room and back again.



12)  You take down the posters in your room then put them back up in

alphabetical order.



13)  You watch the entire 'Planet of the Apes' series, one movie after the other.



14)  You try on every combination your clothes can make.



15)  You count the bricks on the wall.



16)  You draw a perfect portrait of yourself when you normally really suck at




17)  You take pictures of yourself.



18)  You shred confetti.



19)  You switch your teacher's chair for your own when he or she isn't looking.



20)  You're willing to clean your room



21)  You're STILL reading this list.



22)  You read the dictionary.



23)  You compose lists about having too much time on your hands.



24)  Your family discovers that you can suddenly juggle eggs.



25)  You draw a face on your hand and converse with it.

A list that Griffin and I composed in class.  The ones written in Italic were written by him, and I of course have the regular text.
Actually, I enjoy talking to my teachers sometimes, especially my English teacher from last year.  He was so cool, and smart and I used to have really intelligent conversations with him but he doesn't teach my grade.  **bawls her eyes out**  Okay, I'm done.  ^_^