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A list I composed of things that are evil, or at least have the tendencies to be, anyway.............  >.> ....... <.<  .......... !o.o!

1) CLOWNS!!!!!!! <--- very evil

2) Furbies

3) Mechanical string puppets

4) Snowplows

5) Math

6) Tokay geckos

7) Flies

8) Screechy wind

9) Bootcamp instructors

10) The noise chairs make when they fall off the desks

11) Spinach

12) Getting shampoo in your eye

13) The noise vaccum cleaners make.

14) Overly perky people

15) PMS

16) Exams

17) 1000 word essays

18) The people who cancel your favorite TV shows!!!

19) Planter warts

20) Funimation

21) Mondays (I just hate them)

22) Most of the teachers I'd had in my life

23) Duo-tangs

24) Rubix cubes.... grrr.....


26) People who open your door without knocking first

27) People who knock on your door, open it without your answer
and say, "Can I come in?"

28) When you put about three rolls of tape and lots of push-pins on your poster... and it STILL falls down!!!

29) Papercuts

30) No more toilet paper on the roll

31) Writer's block!!!!

32) Having a bunch of little papers with vital stuff on them and then a breeze comes in

33) Having to go to the bathroom really badly during an action-packed film!

34) Icy grounds

35) The winter cold... T_T

36) Cranberry muffins

37) Banana-orange juice

38) In the movie 'Dirty Dancing' when Lisa sings... **shudders violently**

39) MOSQUITOS!!!!!!!!!

40) My dad's can-opener, I hate that frickin thing, it takes forever to get to the food with that thing!!

41) Blitzball. (for those of you who have played FFX... yeah, you know my pain)

42) Bag!!! Yes, that bloody bagpipe song from Dance Dance Revolution where the arrows go really slow and you try so hard to get Perfect but because it's going to so slow it's messing you up so you're getting nothing but Good, and Miss and then suddenly it just speeds up just as you get the hang of it so it messes you up even more!! I HATE BAG!!!! (IceFly: I concur!!)

43) Cowboy pumpkins and black hornets, from the game Rush On Seven Episodes. (SnyperKat and Jiraiya: **shudder**)

Got something evil you'd like to suggest and maybe I'll agree with you?  E-mail me at