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Picture this: A room that has only three walls, and no roof.  All around it was a playground, and then there was a brick wall planted in the misdt of that, with no purpose whatsoever.  Yeah, that's where I was, in the playground-house place.
Anyway, Matt from Digimon 01 (that means the 11-year-old Matt) wouldn't stop following me around, and it was getting annoying.  I started to talk with a girl named Tara.  Matt walked away sadly to join his brother TK on the swingset.
I looked over in the three-walled room, and saw my brother Casy playing Super Nintendo with Kari, while Izzy was on the computer playing WarCraft 2.  After a few minutes, Tara walked away as well, but then IceFly showed up with her rollerblades on.  I said, "Wait for me!"  My blades appeared out of nowhere.  I put them and my gear on, got up, and saw Matt pushing TK on a swing.
I bladed to him, and yelled out "Hello!"  I grabbed him by the shoulders to swing him around which caused us both to fall on the ground.  He got up, really mad, and joined the rest of digi-destined who had gathered beside the useless brick wall.
Cursing under my breath, I bladed past the group, gave them the middle finger, and heard eight voices gasp all at the same time.
The scene changed into a race track area, but it was in the middle of the field that had a bunch of dandelions blooming and those white fluffy puffball flowers.  All the contestants in the race were the people in the pod race from Star Wars: Phantom Menace.
I heard a voice behind me call out, "Hey!"  I turned around and saw Matt and everyone else save IceFly and Casy running toward me.  I immediately spun around and started to jogging also, but I kept tripping and falling, and Matt repeated, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
Eventually, Tai and Mimi ran past me, and I tripped again, fallong over and all fours.  I started to get back up again, when I heard Matt say right beside me, "Are you okay?"  For some reason, I became terrified.  I jumped up and sprinted away.
The track dissolved into a street I lived on a few years back.  I ran into my old apartment.  I had a feeling something was wrong, so I opened up an antique drawer- and discovered the orange-haired guy from Castlevania64.  He begged, "Please let me hide!  The skeleton will kill me!"  I closed the desk and hurried to lock the door, but a skeleton was standing there holding a machine gun.
It asked me, "Have you seen an orange-haired man around here?"  I was about to say no, when we heard somebody shouting from downstairs, "I know you're up here!"  The skeleton ran into my room and whispered, "I have to hide!"  He turned into a plastic bag.  I bunched it up and threw it into my closet.
I went back to the door again, and saw a bright orange stormtrooper, who asked me, "Have you seen a skeleton come up here?"  I smiled innocently, answered, "Nope!" slammed the door, and locked it.  I turned around, and jumped about ten feet in the air.
Matt was standing right in front of me.  He put his hands on my shoulders, and said, "I'm sorry."
                            La Fin

This dream had a repetitive vocabulary, I find.  Anyway, back to the normal message:  Have a dream you'd like me to post?  E-mail me at