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Things That Really Piss SnyperKat Off

 1)  When people say, "Don't get that done, I hate that."  Honestly now, do you really think that you're, "not liking that" is really going to stop me from getting whatever the fuck it is?
2)  When people complain excessively about heat or cold.  Shut!  Up!  I don't want to fucking hear you!  Those are natural factors in our life that we just have to learn to deal with!  Sure, a few complaints are alright but people who find themselves almost writing books about the muggy Saturday, screw off.  If you're hot, go take a cold shower.  If you're cold, jump and down for a few minutes.
3)  When I was a vegetarien, people would say, "You're not a vegetarien cuz you eat eggs and dairy."  Fuck you.  If you're saying shit like that, then you obviously don't know a lot about vegetarienism do you?
4)  People who chew with their mouths open.  People who are old enough to be out of the habit anyway.  Close your fucking mouth!  There are some folks out there who are extremely squeamish, and the last thing anyone needs to see if pieces of mulched up crap spilling from your piehole!  You are old enough to close your mouth when chewing, you won't bite your tongue or cheek while doing it, so DO IT!!!!
5)  Homophobes.  I am not even going to start on this one, because if I do, you'll be sitting here reading for about four days.  Homophobes are just mad because they can't get laid.  Enough said.
6)  Older people (by older I mean like, between 30-55, not golden years) who look down on teens and say, "I wasn't like that when I was young."  My ass you weren't, you stupid fucks.  You know damn well you did the same type of shit we did.  You just have too much pride to admit it.
7)  Those who tell us, "You can't make a difference."  Go fuck a wombat.  Were not gonna get very far with you discouraging us, clouding our intelligent thoughts, making think unclear, and lose track of what we're doing, now will we?!?!?!?!
8)  Racist people.  Enough said.
9)  People who make really big deals about yaoi and yuri.  Goddammit!!  You're fucking stupid, and you're just mad cuz you can't get laid!  Just because YOU don't like it, it doesn't mean other people don't!  Yah, sure, maybe we won't see Harry and Ron together in the books, or perhaps Naruto and Sasuke will not become a couple but you know what?  We can still fucking dream.  That is why we use our imaginations to make stories, or draw fanart.  Yaoi and yuri is not for everyone, but you do not have to parade around saying it's wrong and evil.  Learn to appreciate the true beauty of love, whether or not it is a gay couple or straight couple.
10)  People who actually believe the girls of T.A.T.U. are sister/cousins.  My goodness stop being ridiculous you idiots!  Those are silly rumours created by homophobic people who can't get laid who want to try to ruin the lives of two young girls who are in love.  I think it's great that they came out in the open.  Oh, did you know?  They're getting married!  Guess your rumours didn't work did they?  Lena and Julia are still together.  Get over yourselves.
11)  People who are cruel to animals.  Especially they're own pets.  If I see you, even out of the corner of my eye, being mean to an animal out of cold-blood - in other words, unless you are yelling at it to get out of your tulips or something - I will not let it go by lightly.
12)  When reading an excellent NC-17, and in the middle of it all... the people get interrupted by someone storming in.  It's not something I'm going to bitch about, it's just something that I really hate when it happens.
13)  My dad's can opener.  I'm going to kill it!!!!!
14)  When people tell me, "There's no food in your house."  There IS food in my house, you're just too lazy to take ten minutes to cook it.  -_-'
15)  People telling me I'm too old to go out trick-or-treating.  Right, see if YOU get to raid my candy stash this year!  You'll be happy if you get even one pumpkin gum.  I'LL decide when I'm too old, thank you very much.
16)  I can't really explain this in proper words, so I'll give two examples:
#1- ME:  You know what in Final Fantasy 9 where you have to press the right button in the swordfight and get a high score?  I think I did  okay, on the third try, I got 79.
PERSON:  I got 100 on the first try.
#2- ME:  I got some really good presents this Christmas, my parents must have spent about 600 dollars on me and my brother.
PERSON:  My parents spend about that much on each kid, every year.
Thank you for destroying my good mood, and shooting down my enthusiasm.  These two examples are from the same person.  He knows who he is.
15) Girls who use their periods as an excuse to be bitchy. Take a Midol, take a little walk to get your blood flowing, and shut the the fuck up. Having your period doesn't instantly turn you into super-bitch. It's possible to control your emotions, even under those cicumstances.
16) People who stand in the doorway of the Metro while you're trying get on/off, and see that you want to get on/off, but won't move. FUCKING MOVE!! Those doors don't stay open very long!!!
Wow, anger galore, lots of homophobe bashing.  **exhales**  That felt much better.  ^_^

Like I said before, I am sorry if I offended anyone somehow, but look, even I need to take my anger out somehow, hence, my ranting page.  The rants are not directed towards anyone in particular, so if you happen to have said or done something I ranted about, it is not directed towards YOU, it is directed toward the pointlessness of what you said.