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Tsunami Alert

dreamt by FireFly

Everything started in my living room. My mom was watching the news, which was about the tsunami that recently happened in Asia. My mom said that she wanted to go there and help the survivors, and also see the enormous waves for herself. I didn't want to leave, but I didn't have much of a choice, so I went into my room to get some wire we could use to tie ourselves down. This way we wouldn't get carried away by any large waves.

The scene changed.. and we were in Asia, sitting down at a table with Gregory Charles. Suddenly, I turned into Kagome from Inuyasha! I had to tie my friends down to a black pole. That way, we couldn't get carried away. The first person I tied down was Shippou. Next, I tried to tie down Miroku (for those of you who have never seen him, he is a perverted guy. XD ) but he wouldn't let me! I then leaned towards him, pretending I was going to kiss him on the neck.... but instead I tied him down! ^_^ Inuyasha got jealous because he thought I really DID kiss Miroku (remember now, I'm still Kagome). So to make im feel better, I gave Inuyasha a hug.

Once everyone was securely tied down, the tsunami began to approach, and the water began to rise! However, I had thought about this in advance, and were tied down in such a fashion that when the water rose, so did we. When the tidal wave finally hit the pole, it folded in a very cartoonish way. -__-;;;

Then, the scene changed again, but nothing was funny anymore. Now, I was saving a bunch of little kids from drowning. O,o;;

The End

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