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The Clown

dreamt by Ruben

It's night clear sky full moon and the stars are shining nice and bright. I'm crossing some random black bridge over a river. Before I reach the other side of the bridge I look to my left in accordance to some people's fingers pointing in that direction. From my angle of view I cannot see a thing. So curious me goes to the other side where the crowd is, all the while hearing a splashing sound.

Now no one in this crowd is of any relation to me. I look to where the sound is coming. There is no voice coming from the splashing, just a lot of trashing in the water. I finally see what's in the dark water, it's none other than a clown. This is like the joy of joys to me and I begin to point and laugh. (I hate clowns and am very scared of them)

The clown is wearing a sad expression as if drawn with the make-up, he also sports a tear on its right eye. The clown is drowning and its life almost to a near death. It sees me pointing and laughing and then its facial expression turns into a face of anger. Sharp teeth clearly shown from its mouth, glowing eyes, and an evil laugh. It's trashing becomes more violent until it gets to the point of a feeble swimming stroke. Then the clown becoems more profficient with the technique and begins to swim faster towards me. All the while I'm shitting bricks and running away.

The dream then switches to me and a few of the random crowd talking to the calm clown. We are talking about compromising, deals, life, and everyday kind of stuff. During this time I'm sitting right next to the clown with my arm around it's shoulders. What wanted to maybe kill me ended up to a friendship I guess...

The End

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