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You see, IceFly, FireFly, my friend Christie and I were in Christie's basement, gathered around a Ouija board.  IceFly showed us a picture of a woman with red hair, looking out at the sea.  We decided to contact her.  We asked her spirit, "How did you die?"  She answered, "I drowned."
Suddenly, FireFly and I and were in a car with her parents, and my mom.  I asked, "Where are we going?"  FireFly's mom answered sadly, "Well, we were supposed to go to the riverside amusement park, but look..."  We looked out the window, and saw that the whole park was flooded!  We saw a some old fashioned carroussels, the tips of some roller coasters, and some other colorful rides, but they were all in the water.
Few rides were visible.  We drove silently along the river, and then the scene changed and we were running along a dock going through the amusement park.  The adults yelled, "Watch out, there are supposed to be sharks in the water." but we kept running.
Soon enough, the dock began to get rickety, swaying from side to side.  I tripped, and froze on the dock.  FireFly whizzed past me on rollerblades.  I got up again, and ran so fast that I practically flew past FireFly.  I suddenly slipped and fell in the water.
Remembering what our parents said, I surfaced and yelled for help but they were just standing there.  I yelled, "Sharks!"  Then, somehow, I pushed myself out of the water so hard that I flew about fifteen feet in the air.  Just as I was about to hit the water again, FireFly grabbed my arm and pulled me back on the dock.  I realized she wasn't wearing her rollerblades anymore.  We looked at each other for a second, then began sprinting again.
Not long after, the dock came to an end and we stumbled upon a street near where I used to live.  We ran across it, and hopped over a fence.
Just as our feet touched the ground, we found ourselves back in the basement, sitting cross-legged.  We heard Christie and IceFly clammering back down the stairs.  They told us that we had gone into a deep sleep, and they hadn't been able to wake us up.
All four us looked down- there was a lock of red hair on the board.  We glanced up, and Christie said, "Never again will I touch a Ouija board."  Looking at each other again, the four of us thought the exact same thing.  In the end, we burned the board.

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