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My own galaxy.......

Hello, and welcome to all you new-comers. For those of you who have already been here, welcome back! I am, of course, the one and only SnyperKat (That I know of) and this is my site, my kingdom, my era in which I rule and other people visit.  SnyperKat's Era doesn't focus on anything in particular, it is mainly a humor site where you can come and visit if you need a little cheering up, or if you are bored.

Don't steal my stuff.

Oh, and if you've ever been to DragonBalls Ha or
BM Studios, yes, that's also me. The same goes for Sister Thorns Domain, and Maybe you've seen me at Hoppy's Chatroom, but that was years ago. I used to be registered at Bolt, and I'm also at, and Oh yes, I can also be found at Naruto Community, Naruto Chaos, and Naruto-kun. (I'm registered to them all for different reasons. -.- ) It's all MEEEE!!!!
Meet my sidekick George.  **George waves**  He's a nineteen year old 4'08 punk with a ten inch mohawk.  His favorite band is Rancid, and he usually wears a brown rancid sweater, faded green jeans, and a necklace that says 'George'.  See, George doesn't talk much because his idol is Silent Bob, right George?  .............  Point proven.  Anyway, I'll try some time in life to add a picture of him.

Okay, I'll leave you off here. Have fun browsing around my site.  And remember, if you don't understand me.... well, don't bother trying cuz you will only succeed in further confusion.  ^_^