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Things That Moderately Annoy SnyperKat

1) When people would poke me in the eyebrow ring. Don't do that to people, it's not nice. Especially when the brow piercing is fresh... **looks at Buras_Mew** It may not hurt to get, but it's still sensitive.

2) When someone finds out my parents are divorced, they say, "Oh, I'm sorry." For what? I don't need your pity, and they have been divorced for about seven years now.

3) When school counselors or social workers think I am an abused teen. This one always truly astounds me. I am not abused, I am just tired.

4) Kinda following the above, when people think I am this manic-depressive self-mutilator with repressed memories or a bad childhood. -_-' Judging by this site, my fanfics, and the fact that both my cats have claws, oh yes, I must be this incredibly depressed teen on the verge of committing suicide who hates to talk about their past and cuts themself to relieve pain. I do not do that. The scars all over my arms? Well then, let's see now, once again, I have two cats and claws are s-h-a-r-p.

5) When I buy candy like Skittle or M&M's or Gummy Bears, and I am dividing them (and when I divide, I do it perfectly seperating the colors in half too), the people who I am sharing them with steals some while I am dividing, hence ruining my division. Well, I was going to give you the extras but NOT ANYMORE!!!

6) When people ask, "Why did you write on your shirt?"
-_______________________- Do you really care?

7) When reading an NC-17 fic and the author spends more than one paragraph about nipples. I hate nipples!!!! Write about them if you want but please, do overdo it. I hate foot stuff also... ew... ;-;

8) When Buras_Mew comes to my house and uses the computer, she puts my Winamp on repeat and forgets to change it back. -.- This is just a little thing that gets on my nerves, don't worry BM I still love you, but I had to mention it. ^-^