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Assassination Mission Gone Wrong

Focus in on my house.. more specifically the back, where four people are currently walking down the porch stairs. These four people are myself, of course, Kakashi, Tsunade, and Puss-in-Boots. And the reason we were taking our leave was because... **insert dramamtic**... we had an assassination mission! **gasp** (I never actually found out who we were supposed to kill, though)

Anyway, Tsunade was drunk, and kept giggling. This made the rest of us upset, because we knew that if she wouldn't stop, then she'd give away our position!! So, we all hopped over my front gate (yes, hopped, it is beyond me why we didn't just walk through). Or, in Tsunade's case, she sort of tripped over it... And she was still laughing! And she was also arguing with Puss-in-Boots over who was a better assassin. Eventually, we all said, "Tsunade! Shut up!!" Which she did.

So, there we were, walking casually down my street, not even trying to hide, (oh what great ninjas we were -_-') walking towards some woods. However, the moment we entered the woods... we all got separated!! I started to panic, and began to run down some random path... and ended up in the playground of my old elementary school (this is not the first time that it's happened). Except, it was fused with my old high school. Don't ask, I don't know why either.

>IceFly was there, riding her bike around. She saw me, and hurried over. I explained to her what was going on, and we decided to go find my brother. So, we ran around (in her case, biked around) the playground looking for Casy and we saw Neji in the elementary playground! He was a lunchtime moniter (wtf??), and was playing tag with a bunch of kids. IceFly and I decided to hightail it out of there before he saw us, and I ran inside the high school... where I saw Phil, my elementary gym teacher, and Casy, who was holding a really old computer.

I asked Casy what he was doing, and he said, "The computer's for my shop. Mom's coming to pick me up and give me a lift home." and then he left. At that moment, Phil said something to tease my old gum teacher, who pinched his ears to shut him up. As Phil started to complain, I decided to follow my brother, but when I got outside, I saw Silverwing! And then suddenly, both of us remembered that today was, "Pretend you're an elementary school kid Day!"

Silverwing and I went back inside the school, but through a different entrance. We ended up inside a dimly lit room that seemed to be decorated for witchcraft. We noticed that there were all sorts of beautiful candles around the room.... so we stole a bunch of candles.

The End!! XD

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